Vivid door

vivid door

A door fit for a king, which indeed it is. You’ll find this door at the Grand Palace in Bangkok. The image was shot on film way back when Kodak was a great company. Remember those days? No internet, no mobile phones, no avalanche of digital information. It was a time when travel could induce feelings of awe and wonder. We even read books then, fancy that!

My contribution to this weeks WP photo challenge, vivid. And to Norm’s Thursday doors. And a bit to whining in general

12 thoughts on “Vivid door

  1. You nailed two projects with one photo – love it! Yes, I remember those days. I think some people refer to them as the ‘good old days.’ πŸ™‚ What I really remember is the anticipation of getting the photos back after development and looking to see what the results where.

  2. Somehow I miss those old days…Except for the fact that now is cheaper for me!!!
    Do you know something? I still read books!!! Yes!!! I use public transpportation and always take a book with me!!! I love it!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • I use public transport too, even though I own a car. In Stockholm, it’s just a hassle to drive. There are very few that read books on public transport here. If people read, it’s the free newspaper ‘Metro’. I do cart a book around, but somehow the smartphone seems to be in my hand more than the book. I’m working on changing this.

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