Project detail

The plan was to spend some 2 1/2 month in Australia and here is the initial idea on how the time was to be spent. This schedule was an expression of my ideas around the project. It was of course subject to re-planning as necessary.

During November 2102 I contacted all the PUB’s I wanted to visit to make sure that I was welcome (not only as a patron…)

There are other local resources I wanted to tap into, such as local papers, local camera clubs, country women’s association and so on. I contact them too during November 2012.

I travelled to Adelaide, Australia, mid January 2013. The first 2 weeks was spent in Adelaide catching up with friends, getting over jet lag, administration, some library research and a slow trip to Eyre. I drove, but saw no virtue in getting from A to B as quick as possible.

Since my interest was to get an understanding for the country PUB as social focus, I did not plan to make flying visits. Instead, I wanted to stay for a couple of days at each place to get a feel for the locality and the context in which the PUB exists.

In my experience, projects often run into problems with the project scope, time and resource. In my tentative schedule I had set time aside for contingencies and for own reflections on direction and progress so far.

5 thoughts on “Project detail

  1. This is such a cool idea. I love looking at and taking pictures and I so enjoyed reading your blog! Also, I’ve never been to Australia, so it was so cool to see it through a photographer’s eyes! Good luck on your presentation phase and I’m excited to see what your next project will be!!

    • Thank you for your kind comments! It’s been a delight to visit Australia and it’s been so much fun to shoot this project! I had fun browsing your blog too, I’ll try some of the recepies!

      • I hope I’ll have the opportunity to visit Australia one day and photo-document my way around! I’m glad you had fun checking out my blog! If you try the recipes, definitely share how they turn out :).

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