Garage doors


It does not really look like the doors lead to a proper park space, it’s probably just enough to let passengers off a boat into the house. Or palace as it were. This Venetian palace probably looked better in its day; now it had the air of genteel decay.

The Famous Door To…


… a huge derelict hotel cum cultural centre that never even opened for business. In the middle of a mid Swedish forest. Ostentatiously called ‘Dragon Gate’. The genius that built this complex was a Chinese businessman who had made his wealth making – mosquito repellent. The Dragon’s Gate became more of a, well, door for mosquitoes?

Derelict dwelling’s door

door 7

The house has been abandoned for years and is rapidly falling to pieces. Such a pity, it was probably quite nice once upon a time. The area has been going downhill for decades, but houses have generally been cared for as summer houses. Not this one though, the owner lives too far away to have any interest in it and it’s really passed the point when someone would like to buy. It is in a remote area – in spite of having been empty for years there are no signs of break-ins.

Hi Norm – it’s a contribution to your Thursday Doors

Door x 2


I’m not a construction engineer, but it seems to me that the people constructing the bricked-up door must have understood their trade better than the those doing the latter day addition. That is, the vault would carry the load of the building better than a straight line. Norm of Norm’s Thursday Doors can perhaps shed light on this issue?

Thursday door

Thursday door 3

Just like many other photographers I’m drawn to doors from time to time. This door, and the installation in and under the window, is located in a barn that seemed disused or at least not used for its original purpose. For Norm’s Thursday Doors