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Retired from mainstream working life and just love to have time to devote to photography.

Burning the old

to make way for the new. And to keep the odd which at bay. A tradition on last day of April that goes back hundreds if not thousands of years here in Scandinavia

Heritage 2

Neighbourhood is changing…


… from family dwellings to dense high rise blocks. Normal focal length was used when taking the image so the new development is really as close to the family house as it looks. I’m impressed by the owner’s resolve to stay. There’s not only the construction at the rear; to the right there was a big hole in the ground which no doubt will be built up with a high rise too.

Out of the deep


ALANDALU seems to have hit a spot of trouble. It looks like the boat was used for deep sea fishing – perhaps a sea creature took exception to being hooked and dragged the boat down? Apparently the hope is to get ALANDALU up from the depths of the harbour with the help of a few empty oil drums. Thus giving the oil drums a new purpose and a new lease of life