Project overview

As part of the one-year photography education, there was a 3 month individual project. I loved it, 3 months to pursue an own photo project! The project time was mid January – mid April 2013.

Winter in the Swedish mid North

That’s winter time in Sweden. Brrr.

So I preferred to be somewhere else for my project. That somewhere else was Australia; South Australia to be precise. I’ve lived there and love it. The countryside in particular is fascinating, so I wanted to do something there.

I don’t mind the occasional beer, and the country PUB’s are usually great.

Now that was a good theme for a project wasn’t it? Zing around the South Australian country side, have a few beers and a chat with the barmen and take some photos?

On a serious note, I’ve always been fascinated by the settlement of rural Australia. Without knowing much about it. What I do know though, is that once there were people in the area, a publican set up shop.

The ‘Transcontinental’ in Quorn, South Australia

I didn’t know much about the early history of the PUB’s, but intended to spend some days in Adelaide state library to catch up on this. My basic understanding was that the PUB originally served as a social venue for the men and I’m sure it still does. However, times are changing. The countryside looses people as urbanization is a continuous process, not only in Australia but all over the world. Drink-drive laws makes it more difficult to nip over for a few pints. Television, video and, more recently, broad band internet changes the way people interact. How does the country PUB hold up in the modern world? What role does it play for social interaction? What would happen to a small community if it closes down?

Australia is a big place and my project was but 3 months out of which I planned to spend 2 1/2 in Australia. So I needed to have a realistic scope. The project goal was to investigate the role of the country PUB for the local community. I had never travelled west of Port Augusta. So the area I wanted to visit was Eyre Peninsula. Now, Eyre peninsula is not a small place and I did not foresee that I could cover the whole peninsula. Initially I thought that a realistic scope was to visit 10 – 12 PUB’s.

9 thoughts on “Project overview

  1. Thankyou for visiting my blog Fat Freddy! Your project sounds fascinating. All the very best with it. I am going to follow so that I can see what happens. I like photographing rural Australian scenes also, and country pubs are a great subject. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the reciprocal visit and your comment! I’m on the final leg now, on the way more or less to return to Sweden where I’ll do the post process for the project. It’s been a great journey and I’ve had heaps of fun! It’s been fun to blog, can’t stop now, the show must go on!

  2. Well Fred….I think this is the most strange project I have ever seen…Writing about PUB´s?????
    But I really want to know what you finish with…I will stay tuned…
    BTW: thanks for visiting my place!

  3. Curious to know how this project panned out? Did you tackle it from a documentary point of view? Wondering about the outcome and whether the pub as the social hub is as relevant today as it was in past?

    • The project was finished some 3 years ago, although I do add on new material if I get the opportunity. The idea was to do it as a documentary. In hindsight I’m not sure I succeeded with my intention. Anyway, the rural pub is certainly relevant today. It’s probably difficult to compare to the past, as the rural population was way larger then than it is now. My speculation is that the pubs in remote locations are perhaps more relevant today as shrinking populations see other businesses and social outlets vanish. However, the pub that primarily serves a declining rural population is no doubt an endangered species.

      • Documentary pix have their value especially when there is change and the subject becomes an endangered species. Sounds like an engaging project 🙂

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