Poochera Hotel and the Motorbike Lady

Since I’ve taken to the roads again, I sought out a country PUB to stay at and ended up at the Poochera Hotel. It does not get much more country than this. In Poochera township there is all of 30 souls (on a good day). The surrounding area does probably have a couple of hundred living on farms. But there is a hotel and there I went.

Poochera Hotel

Poochera Hotel

I had not booked ahead since I figured that the hotel in a small inland township would not be full, and it was not (well, I never book ahead anyway). There was one other guest, a lady traveling by motorcycle. She was stranded due to rain, the first decent rain since August. Pretty welcome in a country that by and large lives off rain water.

The hotel is more or less in original condition I recon. If you want to experience an original South Australian country hotel – hurry! It did not have the feeling of a prosperous business really. But it was nice!

Poochera Hotel Front Bar

Poochera Hotel Front Bar

In the morning I met the Motorcycle Lady. I had expected a young woman and was somewhat surprised that it was not. It made me happy though! This lovely lady had been in Western Australia to see friends and was now on her way back to Tasmania. A round trip of some 8000 kilometers or so. One does not have to slump down in the couch in front of the telly when one gets older! There is hope for us all!

The Tasmanian Motorcycle Lady

The Tasmanian Motorcycle Lady



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