Back to Streaky Bay

I had decided that I wanted to see the Nullarbor. Not necessarily cross it, since it’s a rather long ride and what’s more I would have to drive back the same way. After a reasonably long day’s drive I had arrived. It’s a rather magnificent sight and experience. This time I did not feel I needed to see all 1000km of it.

The Nullarbor plain

The Nullarbor plain

Besides, once I was there I realized, somewhat to my horror, that I had left the charger for the computer in Poochera. Even worse, the power adapter was also in Poochera and the camera battery was just about to go flat. On the upside, my analogue camera got a bit of use.

Have you seen Wallace & Grommit? A Grand Day Out? In one part of my journey I wondered if I was somehow part of a Grand Day Out.

A Grand Day Out

A Grand Day Out

After a while I came to the belief that the farmers in this part of the country recycle their old fridges as mailboxes.

After having retrieved charger and adapter from Poochera I had 2 days to spend before meeting some locals with whom I’ve had e-mail contact. In the end I decided to go back to Streaky Bay, it’s such a lovely place. As a bonus, the hotel is great to stay at.

Front bar, Streaky Bay Hotel

Front bar, Streaky Bay Hotel


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