A good end to a good day

A day with a bit of sunshine (the significance of which you’d understand if you’ve spent a bit of time on the Irish west coast), some splendid sightseeing, a good feed and then to round the day off at a pub with a Guinness or two and some spirited Irish folk music. If that ain’t a good day I don’t know what is

good day

Weekend in transit

Hong Kong island from Kowloon

Hong Kong island from Kowloon

I spent a few hours in Hong Kong en route to Europe during (last) week-end. The weather was pretty dismal, grey and foggy. Sunday is the day off for the foreign maids working for Hong Kong families. The maids congregate in Central to socialize on their day off. Perhaps I got there late in the day or perhaps the weather was a deterrent, but I remember that Central used to be absolutely packed out when I lived in Hong Kong some 13 years ago. There were nowhere near as many there on the afternoon when I was there now.

Symmetric driveway


It’s been around 40C the last couple of days, not real conducive to run around with a camera to shoot something for this weeks WPC: symmetric. Resorted to dredge up something from the archives: driveway to an ‘agriturismo’ in Tuscany, Italy. Funnily enough, I remember that the day I took this image it was 39C.

To get dinner on your plate


– and to keep it for yourself – is quite an achievement. For the Cheetah at least; less so for the luckless gazelle. Thoughtless is perhaps a better description than luckless. The gazelle was playing with a mate and lost focus on everything else. No good to let go of control in a rough neighborhood.

Descend into the mystery

Shaman 1

An evening of Shamanistic healing, a descent into the mystery of of life as it was known for countless generations. Experienced in Bahia, Brazil with the guidance of a Colombian shaman. Happy Halloween by the way, and not with some stuff from the local novelty shop. This is the real McCoy.

The Frayed Arch


Or is it a beached pre-historic creature? Dug up from the archives for this week’s WP challenge, fray. And for Sue’s word a week challenge for this week, arch.

The image is from Kangaroo Island way back when 3MP was an amazing resolution and when I did not see any difference between raw and a hole in the ground. A pity, it could have been tarted up a bit otherwise.