Monochrome Colour

January in Stockholm is mostly overcast and pretty dull. One has to bring oneself out anyway for a walk to shake the cabin fever off.

I thought I’d do this image in monochrome, but guess what? It was virtually no difference from the color image. So I choose not to convert in the end.

monochrome colour

Winter at last

After a mild autumn and beginning of winter, the cold weather has finally come here too. Not that I’m a real fan of the cold but it sure is nice with snow and how everything becomes brighter when all the grey is covered.

winter night

I think it’ll also do for the weekly photo challenge: window


The morning jog

This year it’s mostly just grey here in Stockholm. Rain, mild weather and grey skies. Really boring. Very different from Christmas last year when it was very cold and plenty of snow. I was out for a walk early last Christmas day and the only thing stirring (except me) was this guy out for his morning run.


Come to think of it, the image fits the weekly photo challenge: one

Bye bye, South Australia


Brighton jetty (Adelaide)

Brighton jetty (Adelaide)

Time’s run out, had to leave South Australia for Stockholm Sweden.

Waiting for spring, Stockholm

Waiting for spring, Stockholm

For some reason it did not feel particularly congenial to come back home. I had hoped for spring, but have to console myself with my image library from Australian summer.

The project continues – now comes production of the project presentation and selection of images for the project exhibition. I’ll have to start a new project too, it’s been so much fun to do this one!