Broken spirit


Cities in Western and Northern Europe have a fair sprinkling of poverty stricken migrants from poor areas in Eastern Europe. Often these migrants are from ethnic minorities that have been disadvantaged and subject to discrimination for centuries. Life begging in the streets of rich countries feed the families at home. Broken societies create broken people.

Cheery warmth


It’s mid winter, dark and cold. Inside though, the Christmas tree twinkles cheerily in the darkness and gives a glowing warm feeling. Mulled wine contributes – perhaps too much as my hands do not seem to have been entirely steady.

Statues from all continents (except antarctica)

I’ve been considering what to post this week end, but I’ve not done that much photography. That is, I did, using an analogue Olympus Mju II, but I managed to loose the damed thing. With a roll of film that I just had shot. Bother. So I decided to dig a bit in the archives for Ailsa’s travel them for this week, Statues.

I’ll do one statue per continent and for good measure throw in 2 from Australia. You guess from where they are – should not be too difficult. Two of the images are scans from analogue negatives.


Statue 06 Statue 04 Colossos of Memnon Statue 02 Statue 01

The morning jog

This year it’s mostly just grey here in Stockholm. Rain, mild weather and grey skies. Really boring. Very different from Christmas last year when it was very cold and plenty of snow. I was out for a walk early last Christmas day and the only thing stirring (except me) was this guy out for his morning run.


Come to think of it, the image fits the weekly photo challenge: one

A word a week challenge – Track

I’ve not done many ‘weekly challenges’ since I’ve been busy with life in general (and my own in particular). However, the evening is a bit slow, it’s December so it’s cold and dark outside. Blogger A Word In Your Ear has weekly challenges I follow now and then – without contributing myself. Until now. The weekly word is ‘track’ and after digging in the archives a bit I settled for an image of the railroad between Port Augusta and Leigh Creek in South Australia. I shot this photo in Parachilna, a now defunct pit stop for the railroad. As far as I know, it’s now only used to transport coal from the coal mine at Leigh Creek to the power station at Port Augusta.



The Photographer


The photographer is actually a salesman at a flea market on the outskirts of Budapest. He showed quite a nice piece of equipment in reasonable nick and I should really have bought it; it was at a bargain basement price. I had some concerns getting the camera and tripod (which was enormous) home. Since my home is smallish there was also the issue of where to put it. But then, I should have bought it.