jubilant 4

Jubilant Red Army soldier, liberating occupied Europe. I’ve got no doubt that the individual soldiers saw it this way after the horrendous suffering and sacrifice his people had gone through. How did the liberated peoples feel? Change from brown terror to red terror? I’m happy I did not have to live through these times. The statue stands in Memento Park, Budapest.

Statues from all continents (except antarctica)

I’ve been considering what to post this week end, but I’ve not done that much photography. That is, I did, using an analogue Olympus Mju II, but I managed to loose the damed thing. With a roll of film that I just had shot. Bother. So I decided to dig a bit in the archives for Ailsa’s travel them for this week, Statues.

I’ll do one statue per continent and for good measure throw in 2 from Australia. You guess from where they are – should not be too difficult. Two of the images are scans from analogue negatives.


Statue 06 Statue 04 Colossos of Memnon Statue 02 Statue 01