Public transport, Stockholm style


At least if you choose wisely where to live around Stockholm. It surely beats getting stuck in traffic. The thought of this type of commute is inspiration for the search after a summertime base.

Oscar The Paddle Steamer

Time for my project is starting to run out. I thought I’d do a bit of a trip towards Broken Hill. As I was passing Morgan I decided to stop for a coffee. It is quite a nice little place, the day was pleasant and I felt no need to push on, I was perfectly satisfied to read and enjoy the beautiful afternoon. That’s when I saw Oscar. Too late to make Oscar’s acquaintance that day I decided to stay the night at the Commercial.

The Commercial at Morgan

The Commercial at Morgan

The following morning, I made sure that I’d get better acquainted with Oscar. I had a lovely time with the old gentleman.

Oscar's Steam Engine

Oscar’s Steam Engine

Oscar is 105 this year and more or less in original condition. I was lucky that he was at Morgan this weekend, usually one will find him moored at Goolwa.

Oscar The Paddle Steamer

Oscar The Paddle Steamer

Isn’t he a beauty?