The Adventure Run


Well, sort of. Adapted to the WordPress weekly challenge for this week, adventure. The run was over 15 kilometers with the added component of nasty obstacles. It’s called Tough Viking and is held a few times a year in different parts of Scandinavia. The images here are from the race last week-end in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stockholm Marathon

Stockholm marathon was held last Saturday (31 May) in good conditions for both runners and spectators. The track was a circle (of sorts) through the city and the runners did 2 laps to complete the run. I had a bit of time to cheer the runners on and to do a bit of photography. I stayed at the 12 / 36 km mark and caught the tail end – and the front end.

Stockholm Marathon 2014

Was this really a good idea?

One of the last runners. At a leisurely walking pace, perhaps contemplating what went wrong with the training strategy. Perhaps the decision to run was based on memories of youth and how fit he was? Or was it a bet? Middle age crisis? This split-second story is a riddle with many possible outcomes.

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is cities – and the yearly recurring marathons are certainly slice of urban life:


Crossing the finishing line

Tough Vikings – or nuts trying to prove something? Whatever, the race was called ‘tough vikings’ and a meetup event was scheduled in the photographer group. It was a cold and bleak day but never the less a good turnout of contestants and audience. A good time was had by all – and me. The images are from the finish – after some 7 km of nasty obstacles.


These guys were on the move allright. So it’s also a contribution to WPC weekly challenge ‘on the move’.

Stockholm Santa Run

The (maybe traditional in the future) Stockholm Santa Claus run was organized this Sunday by – well, don’t know. The Facebook group claimed this was a first. The prompt to go and photograph the event came via meetup ( – I’m a member of the photography group in Stockholm). December is seldom splendid in Scandinavia, and this day was no exception. Just over zero C and an icy fine rain. A fair few Santas braved the conditions. Well, since they come from the north pole, this Stockholm Sunday must have felt positively tropical.

Sth Santa Run-13