Blurred pinhole image

Largs Bay

This weeks wordpress photo challenge, blur, made me primarily look for less than (technically) perfect images. Not that I retain many of those. Then I saw the light – it’s a perfect theme for my pinhole images since they’re always soft. So here we go, a fairly recent shot using a Holga WPC with Shanghai GP3 black and white film.

Art on the roof?

Chimneys – works of art?

Work of art-2

Let Gaudi loose and you could get chimneys like this. Or at least you could have gotten chimneys like this a century ago if you had the money to commission him to design your building and if you lived in Barcelona. The whole building – Casa Batlló, is a work of art.

The colours are no mistake or result of post processing. I went all analogue during a weekend in Barcelona and had loaded the camera with Revolog film when we went to Casa Batlló. I rather liked the result – it sort of went well with the subject.

More Gaudi:

Work of art-1

This is under the roof though – captured inside Sagrada Familia with my home made pinhole camera laying flat on the floor for about a minute or so.


Break in Barcelona

We had an extended week-end break in Barcelona last week.  The city is full of wonderful buildings from Roman times and onwards. What caught my eyes in particular was the works by avant-garde architects from 100 years ago (Gaudi, Domenech etc). Much of what they did would most likely be considered as daring avant-garde today too. These buildings are, of course, one of the attractions that bring over 7 million tourists to Barcelona annually. The Sunday was worldwide pinhole day for 2014, so I brought my home made pinhole camera along:

Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia

The construction of the cathedral of Sagrada familia started over 100 years ago and is still on-going. A true masterpiece by Gaudi. One of the tourist traps that isn’t a trap and that truly leaves you speechless of admiration.

Hospital de Sant Pau

Hospital de Sant Pau

No, a hospital does not need to be an austere box. Hey – any architects out there? A building can be both beautiful and functional.

Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter

To the left there’s a piece of the Roman city wall. I love the feeling of history in cities like this. An extended week-end in Barcelona is just too short, I must return.

All images shot using my home made pinhole camera using Shanghai GP3 film.

Getting ready for pinhole day 2014

I’m getting ready for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2014 (27 April that is). I’ve made a camera. I’ve shot and developed a test film. And it works! I had much doubts if the contraption would produce anything at all and was pleasantly surprised that the film actually recorded something! I got the f-stop wrong so the images are underexposed by a stop or so. One more test roll to check exposure.

Pinhole 01

The building to the left was erected as stables in the 19th century. Today it is of course redeveloped as residential dwellings. Pretty exclusive ones to boot. It’s very rare indeed to find single story family houses in central Stockholm.