Amsterdam: Canals, Culture – and weed

It’s difficult not to be taken in by Amsterdam, its canals, the architecture, the cultural treasures and so on. It’s a city made for walking – and bicycling. And partying, in a big way. Kids from all over congregate in the main party areas (i.e. most of the central city) and sit in coffee shops. Kids, in coffee shops having a good time?? Well, yes. Ams 2 Ams 3

It’s not your ordinary coffee shop though. Sure they may sell coffee I suppose, but the main draw card is the marijuana smokes they sell – legally no less. There are hundreds of these coffee shops. What in most countries would count as a serious drug scene is completely open here. Fancy cannabis smokes? Chocolate? Lolly pops? Booze? No problems.

If this is the result of legalization of marijuana, I’m dead against it. I can’t see that it solves any problems. Will addiction disappear? Will drug related crime disappear? Well, tobacco and booze is legal i Europe and does that prevent addiction? Or criminals to smuggle cheap / counterfeit tobacco and booze into the EU?

Pot plant anyone?

Pot plant anyone?

Apart from the party and drug scene, there certainly are plenty of canals (about 100km worth) that are ever so nice to slowly walk past or choose to see the world walking past from a canal-side cafe, the cultural treasures are great and it is a pleasant city.



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