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Wordless 5

Keep cool


eh? Well, my theory is that the architect wanted to keep direct sunlight out by having ledges above the windows thus keeping cooling cost down. From which one can deduce that the building is found in a warm climate zone. But then, perhaps the architect just liked the grid pattern?

Two Tier Doors


Wool would have been winched up for storage through these doors. It’s a bit difficult to see the winch since it’s not there anymore. However, there’s a socket for the winch above the top door (and where else would it have been…). The winch would have been a wooden beam with a simple pulley by the looks of other examples in the neighbourhood.

In Port Adelaide, this wool store is one of many, none of which serves its original purpose these days. As far as I could see anyway.

My contribution to Norm’s Thursday Doors.

Blurred pinhole image

Largs Bay

This weeks wordpress photo challenge, blur, made me primarily look for less than (technically) perfect images. Not that I retain many of those. Then I saw the light – it’s a perfect theme for my pinhole images since they’re always soft. So here we go, a fairly recent shot using a Holga WPC with Shanghai GP3 black and white film.



I do some analogue black and white photography but have also started to do some digital images with black and white conversion in mind. The effects I can achieve are pretty different from analogue photography, not necessarily ‘better’, just different. It just happened that the last few images also had a reasonable fit to this weeks WPC theme, minimalist.