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Spacious and airy, marvellous views from all sides. Move in or renovate to your taste! (Real estate speak for ‘this is a total dump’). My contribution to this weeks WordPress challenge, from every angle. You certainly need to look at properties you’re interested in from every angle. And then some. This particular ‘property’ is an installation in Wanås scuplture park in southern Sweden. The owners invite a few artists every year to add to the art works in the park. Walking through the park is a great way to spend a day.


An attempt to help an ailing building by acupuncture? Black magic? Voodoo? An installation? The building seemed to be in pretty good nick; if it was acupuncture it apparently worked. Perhaps it is white magic?


But then, the building is found in Barcelona, and therefore I recon it’s an art project. Isn’t it a bit of a twist to it though? And isn’t it a bit of an odd ball thing to do to a facade?

The image is ridgy-didge black and white, tri-x you know, no layers, no masks, no conversions, no filters, no nothing.