Urban Landscapes in Adelaide

My visitor’s view of Adelaide is predominately from the car window. Public transport is actually vastly¬†better than its reputation, but with time constraints it was not entirely practical for me this time. So I did heaps of driving through suburbia. And the urban landscapes¬†I saw was dominated by the main roads, stretching into eternity. I suppose this is true for must cities. However, in Adelaide, the major roads run through suburbia and speed is limited to 60. Km/h, not mph. You get to enjoy much time driving.

View on Grand Junction Road


Autumn in the city

Autumn has suddenly desceded on Stockholm, after an unusually long and warm end of summer. Until mid September, wow! We all have different frames of reference I suppose.

The autumn mist is enveloping the city and the mood is changing from easy days of summer to preparation for hibernation.

Autumn 02