Christmas market 2

In general, the Christmas markets are full of people in a reasonably cheerful mood, as we’re supposed to be in this season.

Xmas market 07

There are some amongst us who’s luck ran out a long time ago. The fellow in next image sells a magazine issued by an organization for homeless people. To be an authorized sales person for this magazine, you have to be sober and drug free. Most of the sales persons have gone through long downward spirals of unemployment, drug and or alcohol abuse ¬†and living in the streets.

Xmas market 08

The guy jumped out in front of me and posed and then we had a chat. He was ever so cheerful, happy and positive (not artificially induced). He, who has nothing, was full of Christmas cheer. We, who have everything, are so frequently dissatisfied with out lot. We have no idea.

Xmas market 09

There are degrees in hell I suppose. There are still social safety nets here for citizens. There are loads of Eastern European gypsies begging on the streets of Stockholm, sitting on freezing streets all day. They live in ramshackle camps on the fringe of the city. And this is better than staying in their country of origin. Says something of the condition there.