Bush fire

The recent bush fire close to Adelaide, South Australia, was not as devastating as it could have been. There was some properties that went up in smoke though.

bush fire 1

Not even 100 meters from this house, there were properties that came through without damage. Not without heroic efforts from fire services though.

bush fire 2

Not a bad reward for the effort that must have gone into saving these houses. See the burnt out trees in the background?

As old as time itself


Central Australia, Ayers Rock at sunrise. This scene has been seen by humans for more than 10 millennia and before that it’s existed since the dawn of time. An enduring scene if there ever was one.

For this week’s WP challenge, endurace.

The Bush Retreat


Coodlie Park

I felt the need to disconnect from the project for a few days so I booked myself into a bush retreat, Coodlie Park. Of course, it is also an opportunity to get off the road and experience real country life as well, which is part of the project since the farmers are also PUB customers, right? Besides, the Coodlie Park owner used to be the publican at the Port Kenny PUB. So it has not really been a disconnect.

Since I was doing a bit of a photo shoot anyway, I fell for the temptation to get this as well, a bit common I’m sure, but it appeals to me.