The Escape

Västerbron, view towards Kungsholmen

I’m not escaping quite in this fashion… just fleeing south to fill up the vitamin D stores, not by ingesting pills but by exposing my winter pale skin to glorious sunshine.

Since there’s a bit of yellow on one of the bars, I recon it can be a contribution to Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Yellow. Maybe not all that obvious, but this time of the year it’s difficult to get any color at all save for grey.




Gone into hibernation

I’ve grumbled a bit over the rather dreary winter, but on the other hand I feel justified to grumble. I don’t even remember what the sun looks like. Is ‘blue’ a color? What does it look like? When mild weather and rain took the snow away, what remains is grey. And some more grey. Wake me up when the world is in color again.

Wordless Wednesday 03