Amsterdam: bikes everywhere

Bikes rule in Amsterdam, they’re everywhere and the riders come fast and furious. For the unaware visitor, it’s a bit hairy. Many of the riders seem to have left their brains at home before taking off. Come to think of it, this applies to many motorists too. Anyway, it’s sort of OK to be wary when crossing bike paths but the riders go everywhere and expect the way to be cleared when they come.

Better watch out, I'm not going to slow down or stop

Better watch out, I’m not going to slow down or stop

To be fair, the bike is a convenient form of transport in many European cities. The inner cities were built long before the motor car was even thought of and the congestion (and pollution!) would be utterly hopeless if people would rely on their cars for transport.

Ams 6

The Traveller

I was walking along the beach of an evening, enjoying the views over the bay, the sound of the water and the self propelled motion. The layout of the land and the villages encourage driving even for minor errands. There were a few others strolling along, apparently in the same business as I. As usual, people here acknowledge other human beings and greet each other whether they know you or not. For a large city person this feels, well, odd I suppose, but it’s immensely attractive and easy to get used to.
Anyway, as I walked along I saw this contraption parked and decided to investigate.

Simon's bike

Simon’s bike

It was a pretty amazing construction and clearly something made for traveling. There was this chap sitting on a bench a bit further away, and I guessed it was the rider.

Simon the Traveler

Simon the Traveler

Sure enough, it was Simon, the owner of the bike (trike?). He wanted to see Australia properly and built himself a bike fit for the purpose. And seen the country he has, he’s spent three and a half years on the road! Wouldn’t you just love to follow his blog? Alas, he does not have one. He does plan to write a book about his travels at some stage.
Perhaps I should put my bike in order when I come home?