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Spacious and airy, marvellous views from all sides. Move in or renovate to your taste! (Real estate speak for ‘this is a total dump’). My contribution to this weeks WordPress challenge, from every angle. You certainly need to look at properties you’re interested in from every angle. And then some. This particular ‘property’ is an installation in Wanås scuplture park in southern Sweden. The owners invite a few artists every year to add to the art works in the park. Walking through the park is a great way to spend a day.

Weekend Wandering

Snosatra-6Some of the great bloggers I follow regularly do weekend wanderings. I do too, but seldom document them. Last weekend however, I went to see a great number of graffiti artists re-decorate a derelict industrial estate in Stockholm’s southern suburbs. Some top world artists were there and it was just so interesting to watch the artwork take form. I was there for a few hours on Friday and Saturday. The Friday was miserably cold (4 degrees. At least it was plus 4) and not many spectators were there. The Saturday was nice and sunny and the place was packed out. Some great images were erased to make place for new ones. This is one aspect of graffiti that I really like: transient artworks that can be enjoyed for now but that does not necessarily have to remain for ever and a day. Not to mention that it does not become collectors’ items that can only be enjoyed by the super rich.

Thursday door

Graffiti at Snösätragränd, Rågsved.

Some time ago I stumbled upon Norm’s Thursday doors challenge . It’s been in the back of my mind for some time to publish something for this theme. Two weeks ago I captured a number of doors that I think are rather good. Perhaps not so much in their capacity as doors but more for the graffiti.

Floating on the wall


Sort of afloat in the graffiti world. From a derelict industrial estate south of Stockholm where graffiti artists can paint (and re-paint) the exterior walls to their hearts content. The interior of the estate is reserved for invited artists. Next week-end some 170 graffiti artists, including some of the top European artists, will re-decorate the whole area!

Medieval cartoons

On a shorty road tip through the Danish province of Sjaelland, we nipped in to a few of the lovely churches that dot the countryside. The land was christianised around the beginning of the first millennium and lots of churches were constructed in the 11th and 12th centuries. The church then was catholic of course. The state (i.e. king) thought it expedient to adhere to lutheran teachings in the 16th century. The catholic church was transformed and all the riches transferred to the state. A good incentive to go lutheran. Anyway, the lutheran church is pretty austere so the richly decorated churches from the catholic time were white washed inside. The paintings underneath the whitewash have been restored in some churches. It’s pretty interesting to check the messages in these paintings.

ouch - don't want to end up there

ouch – don’t want to end up there

The lords of the land no doubt wanted the underlings to be docile, fear god, and wait for rewards in the afterlife rather than demand rights now. Somehow it all feels all too familiar even though it’s framed differently now.

Art school’s over

And the final exhibition has been held. The art course in question was at Sigtuna Folkhögskola in Sweden.

Slututställning året 2013/2014

The art works exhibited was from the individual projects that the students had worked on over part of spring term.


An attempt to help an ailing building by acupuncture? Black magic? Voodoo? An installation? The building seemed to be in pretty good nick; if it was acupuncture it apparently worked. Perhaps it is white magic?


But then, the building is found in Barcelona, and therefore I recon it’s an art project. Isn’t it a bit of a twist to it though? And isn’t it a bit of an odd ball thing to do to a facade?

The image is ridgy-didge black and white, tri-x you know, no layers, no masks, no conversions, no filters, no nothing.

Big Brother Sees You

Street art as a homage to internet surveillance? An image of PRISM? Do I believe Obama and other leaders assuring me that there’s no violation of my personal integrity  in the loving care of their various national security organizations’ surveillance efforts? Eh, well… don’t want to be paranoid, but if past performance is a guide to the future, then, umm…

Big Brother

Graffiti on a wall on a side street not far from where I live.