Keep cool


eh? Well, my theory is that the architect wanted to keep direct sunlight out by having ledges above the windows thus keeping cooling cost down. From which one can deduce that the building is found in a warm climate zone. But then, perhaps the architect just liked the grid pattern?

Two Tier Doors


Wool would have been winched up for storage through these doors. It’s a bit difficult to see the winch since it’s not there anymore. However, there’s a socket for the winch above the top door (and where else would it have been…). The winch would have been a wooden beam with a simple pulley by the looks of other examples in the neighbourhood.

In Port Adelaide, this wool store is one of many, none of which serves its original purpose these days. As far as I could see anyway.

My contribution to Norm’s Thursday Doors.

Urban Landscapes in Adelaide

My visitor’s view of Adelaide is predominately from the car window. Public transport is actually vastly better than its reputation, but with time constraints it was not entirely practical for me this time. So I did heaps of driving through suburbia. And the urban landscapes I saw was dominated by the main roads, stretching into eternity. I suppose this is true for must cities. However, in Adelaide, the major roads run through suburbia and speed is limited to 60. Km/h, not mph. You get to enjoy much time driving.

View on Grand Junction Road


Adelaide architecture of yesteryear

I love the late 19th / early 20th century architecture in Adelaide. To my eyes the houses have beauty and graciousness seldom found in contemporary buildings. Many wonderful examples of this style are found in the leafy inner city suburbs.

The iron lacework found on many of these old buildings is just delightful, relics of an age when construction was not only utilitarian but incorporated features to please the eye.

Adelaide architecture 3


Bakers – cruel people?

Cruelty free

Are bakers normally cruel to the dough? Or to the finished product? Or to the customers? Anyway, I’m ever so pleased to have found a bakery specialising in lack of cruelty. The first one I’ve ever seen one might add. You too can get cruelty free bread, just take the city to Glenelg tram to stop 4.

A morning walk in Semaphore

A chilly winter morning in Semaphore, a beach side suburb in Adelaide, South Australia.


Just 6C in the morning, rising to 17C in the day. Apparently shocking by Australian standards. For a Swede this could pass for a cool but acceptable summer day…

Back To The Big Smoke

Back to the big smoke after 8 weeks of country living and enough km’s on the car to piss off the rental company. But then, the big smoke of Adelaide is not half bad.

Henley Beach towards Grange jetty, Adelaide

Henley Beach towards Grange jetty, Adelaide

There are of course PUB’s here, and I just love the late 19th century architecture of South Australian PUB’s. The verandas are just made to spend a leisurely afternoon with a book or with friends.

Ramsgate Hotel, Henley Beach

Ramsgate Hotel, Henley Beach

To while away a hot afternoon with some friends in a beach side cafe is not half bad either.

Cafe by Henley Beach

Cafe by Henley Beach

Which is just what I did. This bloke accosted me and we had a bit of a chat and then an acquaintance f his came by. We then spent the next 5 hours swapping yarns whilst the sun slowly descended into the sea.