Neighbourhood is changing…


… from family dwellings to dense high rise blocks. Normal focal length was used when taking the image so the new development is really as close to the family house as it looks. I’m impressed by the owner’s resolve to stay. There’s not only the construction at the rear; to the right there was a big hole in the ground which no doubt will be built up with a high rise too.

Garage doors


It does not really look like the doors lead to a proper park space, it’s probably just enough to let passengers off a boat into the house. Or palace as it were. This Venetian palace probably looked better in its day; now it had the air of genteel decay.

Positive Carry

Positive Carry

A good name for a yacht? If you want to charter this vessel you’ll perhaps get better appreciation for the name. I’m sure it is positive carry for the owner. As a customer, you’ll not even get change from half a million. That’s for a weeks charter. And it’s priced in US$.

Two Tier Doors


Wool would have been winched up for storage through these doors. It’s a bit difficult to see the winch since it’s not there anymore. However, there’s a socket for the winch above the top door (and where else would it have been…). The winch would have been a wooden beam with a simple pulley by the looks of other examples in the neighbourhood.

In Port Adelaide, this wool store is one of many, none of which serves its original purpose these days. As far as I could see anyway.

My contribution to Norm’s Thursday Doors.

A good end to a good day

A day with a bit of sunshine (the significance of which you’d understand if you’ve spent a bit of time on the Irish west coast), some splendid sightseeing, a good feed and then to round the day off at a pub with a Guinness or two and some spirited Irish folk music. If that ain’t a good day I don’t know what is

good day