Boundary between the normal and paranormal


It may not look like a boundary, but it is. On my side the normal, on the other side the paranormal.


North Kapunda Hotel is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in Australia. There are evening ghost tours through the PUB and around Kapunda and it is certainly well worth to join one of these tours. On the top floor there are 2 ghosts that frequently interact with the normal world, a little girl and a grumpy old man. Alas, we did not encounter any of the ghosts on the evening I was there. It was pretty creepy in many places though.


Two Tier Doors


Wool would have been winched up for storage through these doors. It’s a bit difficult to see the winch since it’s not there anymore. However, there’s a socket for the winch above the top door (and where else would it have been…). The winch would have been a wooden beam with a simple pulley by the looks of other examples in the neighbourhood.

In Port Adelaide, this wool store is one of many, none of which serves its original purpose these days. As far as I could see anyway.

My contribution to Norm’s Thursday Doors.

Public transport without public


Who says public transport lacks comfort? I was frequently on the way quite alone in Adelaide, apart from the driver of course. Not during rush hour of course, but even then the ‘crowds’ had no resemblance to those a city where most rely on public transport to commute.

Business took a turn for the worse

orange 1

Given the size of the village (Mintaro, South Australia)  and that it did not seem to have any buildings younger than 100 years I’m not too surprised that carpentry went out of fashion. With the help of Lightroom I sussed out that there is a fair bit of orange in the photo. I have to resort to external help to ascertain colour since I’m a bit colour blind. I

Bush fire

The recent bush fire close to Adelaide, South Australia, was not as devastating as it could have been. There was some properties that went up in smoke though.

bush fire 1

Not even 100 meters from this house, there were properties that came through without damage. Not without heroic efforts from fire services though.

bush fire 2

Not a bad reward for the effort that must have gone into saving these houses. See the burnt out trees in the background?