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Retired from mainstream working life and just love to have time to devote to photography.

Path to eternal life


At least that would likely have been what the neolithic people believed as this grave was prepared for an important person. It seems like humans in their quest to be remembered spend vast resources to manifest their magnificence for posterity. All in vain; who knows anything about the chief buried here?

The Famous Door To…


… a huge derelict hotel cum cultural centre that never even opened for business. In the middle of a mid Swedish forest. Ostentatiously called ‘Dragon Gate’. The genius that built this complex was a Chinese businessman who had made his wealth making – mosquito repellent. The Dragon’s Gate became more of a, well, door for mosquitoes?

Still life


Last week-end I attended a wet plate collodion workshop in Slovenia and it was such great fun! It was run by Topshit Photography – and it was Topshit for sure. Wet plate photography is a far cry from ‘spray and pray’ digital photography. The result is also a far cry from digital images. It’s really magic to see the image appear on this large 10 by 12 inch glass plate. Still life framed by a window, simple and very different from digital imagery. Is it better than digital? Hardly, if you look for technical perfection. However, to me it is pretty pleasing.

Derelict dwelling’s door

door 7

The house has been abandoned for years and is rapidly falling to pieces. Such a pity, it was probably quite nice once upon a time. The area has been going downhill for decades, but houses have generally been cared for as summer houses. Not this one though, the owner lives too far away to have any interest in it and it’s really passed the point when someone would like to buy. It is in a remote area – in spite of having been empty for years there are no signs of break-ins.

Hi Norm – it’s a contribution to your Thursday Doors