Garage doors


It does not really look like the doors lead to a proper park space, it’s probably just enough to let passengers off a boat into the house. Or palace as it were. This Venetian palace probably looked better in its day; now it had the air of genteel decay.

10 thoughts on “Garage doors

  1. Interesting to be dropped off here, to go into the house! One of my friends lived for a long time in Deflt (Holland) on the waterside, and at their deck a canoe was parked:)

      • Different living you say – guess that’s what artists are known for – not that I do it for that reason!~ Scrolling down your blog I saw you were at Thurs. Doors! (door with a view – in Venice – lovely!)

      • I suppose many artists don’t have to be living in ultra expensive places. In the right locations, you can live fantastic lifestyles at a bargain basement price. I’m afraid that one has to count Venice out. Lovely place but it certainly comes at a price.

      • Eek, I know. Just the price to have a ride in a gondola! am fortunate that I don’t have the stress of having to sell my work for a living (am retired now anyways), and with the internet nowadays takes the need to have a gallery in the city away.

      • The time when Gondolas were for normal people as a means of getting around in Venice must be long gone. When we were there, gondolas were mostly occupied by asian tourists. Perhaps as part of package deals to experience the ‘real Venice’. They’re half a century or so too late. Ah, retired and not having to sell for a living – sounds like bliss. I know, as I’m retired myself

    • Once upon a time Venice was very powerful and it shows. It must have required massive resource to build and decorate the city such splendour, at at time when most (Europeans) lived in miserable hovels.

    • There is indeed a lot of genteel decay in Venice, which in many cases adds to the appeal of the place. The doors may not be so much out of the ordinary – but I’d be concerned if it was my garage

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