Still life


Last week-end I attended a wet plate collodion workshop in Slovenia and it was such great fun! It was run by Topshit Photography – and it was Topshit for sure. Wet plate photography is a far cry from ‘spray and pray’ digital photography. The result is also a far cry from digital images. It’s really magic to see the image appear on this large 10 by 12 inch glass plate. Still life framed by a window, simple and very different from digital imagery. Is it better than digital? Hardly, if you look for technical perfection. However, to me it is pretty pleasing.

3 thoughts on “Still life

    • Thank you, but really thanks to Topshit Photography. Though I’m pretty proud that I managed to prepare, shoot and develop the plate. I’m no stranger to darkroom work; however, wet plate collodion seems not only to require skill but also a large proportion of (black?) magic

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