Door x 2


I’m not a construction engineer, but it seems to me that the people constructing the bricked-up door must have understood their trade better than the those doing the latter day addition. That is, the vault would carry the load of the building better than a straight line. Norm of Norm’s Thursday Doors can perhaps shed light on this issue?

8 thoughts on “Door x 2

    • Thanks. The building actually just looks old, but it can’t be more than, say, 150 years. It’s in the New World – a bit of a misnomer since people were living here for 500 centuries or more pre colonization.

      • I understand that perspective. I am working on an e-book on my street photography in the Walled City of Delhi. This is often called ‘Old Delhi’, which is incorrect. It is, barring Lutyens Delhi, the newest city of Delhi. All the previous six cities of Delhi are in ‘New Delhi’!

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