Thursday door

Thursday door 3

Just like many other photographers I’m drawn to doors from time to time. This door, and the installation in and under the window, is located in a barn that seemed disused or at least not used for its original purpose. For Norm’s Thursday Doors

18 thoughts on “Thursday door

  1. Lovely shot. My eye keeps going back to the dusty bottles on the shelf in the window. For me they seem to convey age as much, if not more, than the door. Well done 🙂

    • Thanks, Norm. I like the bottles too. Somewhere in the archive I’m sure I have a close-up. Somehow I believe that the bottles were used to store liquids used in whatever industry the barn housed at some stage.

  2. I’m with Norm on this, those dusty bottles have definitely been there a long time. I’m intrigued by the old wooden sieve and other objects under the window. My granddad had a sieve like that for removing stones from soil before sowing any seeds.

    • The barn looked as if it had not been used for a long time so sure, the bottles have been there for years. The objects under the window intrigues me too, someone with a bit of an artistic streak must own or have owned the barn

      • I feel that because I know that they reach a point where they can’t be repaired. I’ve repaired done old doors and windows and I’ve walked away from some that were too far gone.

      • Ah, ok. I’ve got very limited experience with renovation. I’ll take your word for it and keep away from trying to repair dilapidated objects. Something which I’ll have no problems with come to think of it. Unfortunately I’ve never been much of a handyman.

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