Regeneration post bush fires

Force 3

Less than 2 months after a major bush fire that left nothing but ashes. Well, not quite as it were, re-generation is a powerful force in nature. WPC: forces of nature

8 thoughts on “Regeneration post bush fires

  1. It is amazing. We’ve been past so many areas like this in the southwest, groves of blackened bark with bright green buds emerging. Just beautiful!

    • It is amazing, isn’t it. It’s the first time I’ve seen the aftermath of a major bush fire; I found it fascinating. Sad for life and property lost but hopeful as signs of regeneration shows up very quickly after the event.

      • It would be sad to lose what it has taken me years to accumulate. But if I survived a fire, I would be happy enough! I think! But, yeah, the regeneration in nature is amazing!

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