Floating on the wall


Sort of afloat in the graffiti world. From a derelict industrial estate south of Stockholm where graffiti artists can paint (and re-paint) the exterior walls to their hearts content. The interior of the estate is reserved for invited artists. Next week-end some 170 graffiti artists, including some of the top European artists, will re-decorate the whole area!

11 thoughts on “Floating on the wall

    • The quality of the graffiti was way over the average crap we normally see in the cities. Much was pretty good artwork in my humble opinion. The ship will, alas, sink fairly soon. It was on the exterior wall. We asked artists in the process of creating new works how long it would stay and they said it could be pained over by tomorrow depending on when someone wanted the space.

    • I’ll be there for sure! I have associated ‘graffiti’ with vandalism but have now changed my mind. There is a graffiti form of art as well. I’m pretty excited over the prospect to see top notch artists in action

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