Break in Barcelona

We had an extended week-end break in Barcelona last week.  The city is full of wonderful buildings from Roman times and onwards. What caught my eyes in particular was the works by avant-garde architects from 100 years ago (Gaudi, Domenech etc). Much of what they did would most likely be considered as daring avant-garde today too. These buildings are, of course, one of the attractions that bring over 7 million tourists to Barcelona annually. The Sunday was worldwide pinhole day for 2014, so I brought my home made pinhole camera along:

Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia

The construction of the cathedral of Sagrada familia started over 100 years ago and is still on-going. A true masterpiece by Gaudi. One of the tourist traps that isn’t a trap and that truly leaves you speechless of admiration.

Hospital de Sant Pau

Hospital de Sant Pau

No, a hospital does not need to be an austere box. Hey – any architects out there? A building can be both beautiful and functional.

Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter

To the left there’s a piece of the Roman city wall. I love the feeling of history in cities like this. An extended week-end in Barcelona is just too short, I must return.

All images shot using my home made pinhole camera using Shanghai GP3 film.

2 thoughts on “Break in Barcelona

    • Thanks! I’m pretty pleased myself with the outcome of my little experiment. I’m waiting (with abated breath) for the roll of colour film that I ran through the pinhole camera in Barcelona.

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