First signs of Christmas

It’s a tad early in my opinion, but the world around me is seemingly gearing up for Christmas already, even though it’s only mid November. I find it difficult to get in the mood. Christmas is so hyped up that when it comes, the risk is that it will feel like an anticlimax. Anyway, the first of the Christmas markets around Stockholm was on during the weekend. I am a sucker for Christmas markets…..

Leanne Cole (a photographer and blogger whom I admire) posted a suggestion a while ago that we (whoever ‘we’ are) post a bit on Christmas from our parts of the world. And why not indeed?

The girl selling thin bread rolls filled with game

The girl selling thin bread rolls filled with BBQ game

I took the market as an opportunity to try to become better friends with my 28mm lens on a full frame camera. Still not sure what i think about it. One thing is for sure though, it does force you to get right up close.

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