Calca district cemetery

I’ve got a (morbid?) fascination of cemeteries, so I stopped by the Calca district cemetery on my journey through South Australia earlier this year. Calca district is so sparsely populated that it does not even have its own information on the internet. That tells you how sparsely populated it is. Does it even exist if there’s no information on the net? It’s part of Streaky Bay district council which in total covers 6250 square kilometers. Like 6 times the land area of Hong Kong for example. Today, the council area has some 2100 residents. When it was established in the late 19th century, the population was all of 111 people.

Some of the souls that lived there found their way to the cemetery in the end. It’s located between Port Kenny and Streaky Bay on the western edge of Eyre Peninsula.

The end of the road

The end of the road

Calca district cemetery

Calca district cemetery

Who knows what happened to young Gwendaline? In the early days, a doctor would have been difficult to get to – if there indeed was a doctor in the district at all. Life for the settlers was hard.

calca cemetery 2

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