It’s past mid summer (summer solstice) and vacation calm has descended. People living in Stockholm are leaving town and are being replaced by tourists. Traffic is becoming civilized and it’s possible to find vacant park space! Time to leave town then, and, like so many other Scandinavians, seek peace in the country side.

The country hide-away

The country hide-away

The cottage does not have electricity, no running water and mobile coverage is dismal. The lake is but 50 meters away though. There’s no sandy beach, but the granite is polished smooth by the last glacial age and a sun warmed stone ledge is surprisingly comfortable.

The 'beach'

The ‘beach’

As the sun goes down, the air becomes a bit chilly and it’s time to get inside. I lit some candles more for comfort than out of need; at 10pm it’s still almost full daylight. The forest is all quiet. Bliss.

Summer-13 03

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