A Day At The Farm

The delay between taking an image and being able to look at it has a lot to say for it. One can concentrate on the photography rather than constantly breaking concentration to check what actually happened to be recorded by the sensor. To view the film strips after development is a bit like Christmas. I’ve not kept any notes on what I took and from where and there were many pleasant (and less pleasant) surprises.

The images here are from a roll I took as part of my project at a visit to a farm on Eyre Peninsula. The farm junk yard to be more precise. It was a fascinating place where future archeologists will be able to follow in detail how farm life has developed since land there was cleared for agriculture in the early 20th century. I used my trusty Canon EOS3000 that I picked up from Ebay for a few dollars and tri-x.

Farm 01

Is that telly still working? Showing a nature program?

Farm 02

The family pride and joy from the 60ies (?)

Farm 07

And from the 70ies, in the form of a dead Holden Kingswood

Farm 06

Remnants from an early agricultural machine (tractor? harvester?). Must have been a bit of a bumpy ride

Farm 03

Remnants from a more recent machine, probably a tractor I’d say.

Farm 08

The old work horse put out to pasture. This is a Thames Trader and the model was current around 1960.



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