Back To The Big Smoke

Back to the big smoke after 8 weeks of country living and enough km’s on the car to piss off the rental company. But then, the big smoke of Adelaide is not half bad.

Henley Beach towards Grange jetty, Adelaide

Henley Beach towards Grange jetty, Adelaide

There are of course PUB’s here, and I just love the late 19th century architecture of South Australian PUB’s. The verandas are just made to spend a leisurely afternoon with a book or with friends.

Ramsgate Hotel, Henley Beach

Ramsgate Hotel, Henley Beach

To while away a hot afternoon with some friends in a beach side cafe is not half bad either.

Cafe by Henley Beach

Cafe by Henley Beach

Which is just what I did. This bloke accosted me and we had a bit of a chat and then an acquaintance f his came by. We then spent the next 5 hours swapping yarns whilst the sun slowly descended into the sea.

4 thoughts on “Back To The Big Smoke

  1. Mr Fredrik! Congratulations on completing your journey. Enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the great photos posted!

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