From the Barrier Hwy I veered to the right and ended up in York Peninsula where I hugged the coast and looked at the small coastal settlements. In the old times their reason for existence would have been as ports, shipping out wool, barley and wheat and shipping in goods and people. These days the jetties don’t see ships anymore.

A small port on York Peninsula

A small port on York Peninsula

There are some lovely beaches scattered along the coastline. Though I’m not entirely sure that the crew of the ‘Ethel’ appreciated the beauty of the beach when they ran ashore at the turn of last century.

Remains of 'Ethel'

Remains of ‘Ethel’

York Windfarm

York Windfarm

Farming has in places turned to new sources of revenue, like wind. For some to me totally inexplicable reason, many locals seem to be against wind farms. Surely clean and sustainable energy can be nothing but desirable???







The friendliness of country people goes a long way to make visitors feel welcome. Someone has even provided for the weary traveler to take a break and rest…

Traveller's rest (?)

Traveller’s rest (?)


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