Down Barrier Hwy

Time to get a bit closer to Adelaide, my point of departure from Australia. I took off from Broken Hill on the Barrier Highway (not much of a choice there). It’s a long drive. Sort of.

Barrier Highway close to Broken Hill

Barrier Highway close to Broken Hill

It’s quite interesting though. Although it is desert or semi desert for 300 odd km, it is certainly not without beauty. Some parts are simply outstanding in my humble opinion.

Landscape off Barrier Hwy

Landscape off Barrier Why

To connect to my project: since I took off pretty late from Broken Hill, I did not get that far before dusk and decided to stay overnight at Yunta, a township that was created when the railway used steam trains and needed to fill up with water every so often. The change to diesel took place some 30 – 40 years ago and at that time road transport had taken over the role of rail transport except for real heavy stuff going point to point, like ore. The townships survive for some, for me, inexplicable reason. But then, it provided me with accommodation. As the one and only guest one might add.

Yunta Hotel

Yunta Hotel

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