The First Smart Car (?) and more

I’m taking a few days off from my project and, symbolically, I’ve driven out of South Australia. I landed in Mildura, Victoria. Not a big hit, a blob of suburbia and motels. Sorry Mildura. Nicely situated on the Murray though. I proceeded post haste to NSW and Broken Hill. There I found what must surely be one of the first prototypes of the Smart for 2 car!

Smart car prototype?

Smart car prototype?

A bit away from Broken Hill, in Silverton, I found this fine museum! Alas, I cannot divulge the secrets of this fine museum since I could not bring myself to part with 7.5 dollars to peek inside.

Mad Max 2 Museum

Mad Max 2 Museum

On the way back to Broken Hill I found this. In spite of a fairly serious investigation I never figured out the benefit of a ticket purchase. Nor, I could add, where the elusive ticket was sold. Nope, the hut is not it. It’s a long time since the hut was anything actually, it sits on top of a railway siding. No train has passed for the last 40 odd years.

The Ticket Office

The Ticket Office

Just for the record: I do enjoy Broken Hill; it’s well worth a couple of days of one’s time.


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