Oscar The Paddle Steamer

Time for my project is starting to run out. I thought I’d do a bit of a trip towards Broken Hill. As I was passing Morgan I decided to stop for a coffee. It is quite a nice little place, the day was pleasant and I felt no need to push on, I was perfectly satisfied to read and enjoy the beautiful afternoon. That’s when I saw Oscar. Too late to make Oscar’s acquaintance that day I decided to stay the night at the Commercial.

The Commercial at Morgan

The Commercial at Morgan

The following morning, I made sure that I’d get better acquainted with Oscar. I had a lovely time with the old gentleman.

Oscar's Steam Engine

Oscar’s Steam Engine

Oscar is 105 this year and more or less in original condition. I was lucky that he was at Morgan this weekend, usually one will find him moored at Goolwa.

Oscar The Paddle Steamer

Oscar The Paddle Steamer

Isn’t he a beauty?

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