Panic Stations!

My teacher has asked for one image to go into an exhibition we’re going to have together with a school in Budapest next month. Frantic and critical search of the image library! Oh dear, is this all I have done over the last 6 odd weeks??? So I have to pick one image as some sort of synthesis?? And it has to be submitted by Tuesday?? After a lot of agonizing I selected a number of images as candidates and then went to sleep. It did not help, I did not wake up knowing which one to select. OK, better get some help. I was in the little township of Hawker in Flinders Ranges.

There is a gallery in town so I popped in there and had a chat with the owner who is also the featured artist. Some good feedback there. Next port of call was a cafe for some lunch. There I accosted the lady serving, and she was a keen amateur photographer and a member of Hawker camera club. There was also a German couple having coffee and I sought their opinion. Finally, in the evening I had a chat with the publican in Orrorroo.

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 1

The German couple liked Exhibit 1, and came with a suggestion to edit it a bit (done in this image, it was a very good suggestion). The lady from Hawker camera club fancied it too.

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 2

The artist in the gallery voted for exhibit 2, whilst the German couple thought it a bit staged. I trust the artist’s eye though.

Exhibit 3

Exhibit 3

The lady from Hawker camera club endorsed Exhibit 3. The German couple failed to see the connection to the PUB. It did not move the artist.

Exhibit 4

Exhibit 4

As a bit of an afterthought I later added Exhibit 4 to the list. So when I accosted the publican, Lennie, in Orrorroo this was then also on the list. As luck had it, Lennie and his wife also have an interest in photography. Anyway, Lennie voted for exhibit 4 as it in his mind is a fair image of a country PUB.

Good to bounce ideas with other people! In the end I followed my own evaluation and Lennie’s professional opinion.


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