The Amazing Unicyclist Heading Into The Outback

So I’ve left Eyre Peninsula and I’m now spending some days in Flinders Ranges and the Mid North of South Australia. I still live with my project and it’s just not possible to pack the camera away. I’ve used the Prairie Hotel in Parachilna as a base for a few days to explore the surrounding area. A nice base, and what’s more, the Prairie Hotel serves food that is divine! It’s a far cry from the usual uninspired PUB grub.

Last night, the Amazing Unicyclist and his team rocked up at the hotel and during a pleasant evening sitting in front of the hotel I got the story.

The Prairie Hotel

The Prairie Hotel

Samuel’s sister is dying from breast cancer. He is now riding around Australia on a unicycle, supported by his mates Nathan and Johnno to raise awareness and money for research. He’ll do 15000 km over one year! On a unicycle!

Samuel on the road on his unicycle

Samuel on the road on his unicycle

What a fantastic cause! I totally admire Samuel and his mates Nathan and Johnno in this quest. Follow them on their web site

They’ve got a facebook page too, search for loveyoursister, A few hits will come up, choose the non profit organization.

Unicyclist Support Vehicle

Unicyclist Support Vehicle

They travel through sparsely populated country with pretty harsh climate, so of course a decent support vehicle is needed.

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