A Sad Little Town

As I drove east over the top end of Eyre Peninsula, I came to the junction leading to Iron Knob. I decided to investigate. Iron Knob is an open cut iron ore mine that ceased to operate some 15 years ago. Business seems to have take a turn for the worse since.

Iron Knob Motel

Iron Knob Motel

It had a feel of a ghost town, but all the ghosts had not left just yet. It just felt like they had. In a way, the place would have had a better feel if it were only ghosts living there. The decay with the living still there is just depressing (I hope no Iron Knobians read this, or at least do not take offence)

Iron Knob, abandoned building?

Iron Knob, abandoned building?

A view over the town. Perhaps not much different than from its heydays?

Iron Knob, city view

Iron Knob, city view

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