Leaving Eyre Peninsula and The Suicidal Kangaroo

Time has come for me and my photo project to leave Eyre Peninsula. I’ve certainly not done all PUBs, but a fair few of them. To go and look at the rest would mean to back track, and I don’t really fancy that. So I’m moving on, to Flinders Ranges for a few days. On my way I took time to drive up to Gawler Ranges national park. Beautiful place! Full of suicidal wildlife though. This chap narrowly missed me (of if it was the other way around), more through luck than skill on both sides.

The Suicidal Kangaroo

The Suicidal Kangaroo

As I had exited the national park and was driving east on the highway I contemplated the accommodation options en route. Nothing that really caught my fancy within the next 300 km. Then I passed a road leading to Darke Peak. Just a detour of some 50 km, and the best little original, homely and social country hotel! Very fitting that I should finish where I started with Eyre Peninsula. Just as I thought, I had a great evening.

Darke Peak Hotel

Darke Peak Hotel

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