While waiting for the PUB to open

As my photo project is centered around PUB’s in rural south Australia, the days can become somewhat leisurely as the project comes to life late afternoon as customers stream to the PUB. Not to mention that I come to life as well when I walk up to the bar.
I do try to take in context and spend a fair bit of time with this. Whatever, there is also time to do touristy things (which can be part of context actually). So then, yesterday I decided to drive to Point Labatt an the sea lion colony there. Alas, the viewing platform was far up a cliff, up from the shelf where the sea lions dozed in the sun.

Sea Lions at Point Labatt

Sea Lions at Point Labatt

I’d love to have a tele lens! Stupidly I did not bring any. I cropped the image to be able to see the sea lions better.
Sea Lions at Point Labatt

Sea Lions at Point Labatt

As I drove back to Streaky Bay I was thinking that I had not seen much wild life so far, with the exception of birds. And just then I managed (just) to avoid running over this little fellow, a blue tongue lizard. At least I think it was, since it poked a blue tongue at me.
Blue tounge lizard

Blue tounge lizard

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