A little pause in the project

I felt it was time to have a small break in my project and to take the time to review what I have done so far. Well, then it was the feeling that the Port Kenny PUB did not look all that enticing whereas the nearby little holiday village of Venus Bay was absolutely charming. Even though it had no PUB. So I choose Venus Bay and the break from PUB life.

Venus Bay

Venus Bay

It was somewhat less charming to go through images I have taken so far. OK, there is one or two I can feel pleased with, but by and large I need to up my game substantially it I am to get close to what I now see as project goal.

Oh well, just to get on with it I suppose. Quick relocation of the mobile Project Office to Streaky Bay

The PUB at Streaky Bay

The PUB at Streaky Bay

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